Jackie & Isla kyak

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Jackie Doherty.  I spent my first years as a teacher in the international school system in Taiwan teaching everything from k-12. From there I lived briefly in New York while my husband finished his masters degree and then moved back to my hometown to teach at the college and raise our kids close to family (I’m not too sure what we would do without grandma and grandpa!). This eventually led to a position as an instructional designer (something I previously had never heard of) and then most recently I have taken a position as the curriculum manager in our Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation. I love my job but feel that I still have so much to learn! Luckily I have a wonderful team to help me through the journey!

I have two beautiful children and a very supportive and loving husband. I am currently in my final semester of this MEd program in Educational Technology and have decided to take two courses so that I can complete it in December. It is going to be crazy busy but boy, will it feel good to be done!

I am looking forward to learning from and alongside each of you this semester.